Time to Prepare for Winter!

Fall has officially made its appearance. There's a crisp bite to the air, everywhere you look kids have football pads on, and you can't seem to find any pastry that isn't pumpkin spice-something. While fall may be your favorite season, winter is never far behind and our Westminster landscaping team wants to remind you to be prepared for what's to come. It's just about time to have your yard aerated and have your sprinklers blown out. A final aeration before the snow begins to fall will help your grass to weather over the winter easier. Aeration helps your grass' roots to grow deeper so they are better established. It also ensures that the roots receive water and air throughout the winter so your grass comes back looking thick, rich, and brilliantly green. Aeration is also the best way to preserve your trees and shrubs. It helps them to survive drought, winter dessication, and flash-freezes so they look healthy and amazing in the spring. 

At Stonecreek Tree, Turf & Landscape, we also offer sprinkler blow out services. By having any excess water blown out of your sprinkler lines, you help to protect your pipes from freezing and cracking throughout the winter. This helps to ensure that your spring time routine doesn't involve replacing a bunch of pipes. 

Schedule your aeration and sprinkler services today. Our team proudly serves clients in Westminster, Arvada, Broomfield, and all of Denver. Contact us today by filling out the form on this page or calling us at (72) 350-7797